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دسته بندی دستگاه ها

Marking Laser

Fiber marking machine performs engraving and marking using special laser technology. Engravers can easily engrave or cut their products, such as tubular products and metal sheets, using these types of devices. One of the important features of this device is the ability to adjust the beam to create a flexible light.

CNC Pounch

Sheet punching with a CNC machine or punched sheet (perforated metal) is a metal forming process in which, using a punch press, force is entered into a tool called a punch to enter the metal piece and by cutting the piece, in It creates a hole or cavity.

Press Brake

In the industry, most of the metal bending is done by a device called a press brake, the most common device used to bend metal sheets is a press brake. With the help of its hydraulic and mechanical components, this device shapes steel sheets through a very high force.

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